Official web-portal of Odessa region


Official web-portal of Odessa region


Develop modern and convenient portal for citizens of Odessa region, which would be not only the source of information, but also help to arrange two-side interaction between administration and citizens.


We have analyzed all requests, which citizens send to administration and google-analytics to understand which questions are the most interesting for citizens. We discovered that people are interested in common questions, for example, house tariffs or registration of property.

For the aim to answer such questions, we subdivide portal into 16 chapters, which cover the main spheres of life.

Besides copyright texts, written by the team of copywriters and specialists of ODA, there are also many other links to the external useful resources.  The idea of portal is to become a kind of informational hub, a guide for citizens.

We implemented user-friendly principle of displaying of dynamic information: news, events, official documents, etc., are tagged by corresponding tags and form timelines on each topics.

In addition, tools for active communication were developed – service of e-appeals and service of collective appeals, analogue of petitions.

One more important tool is notification about events in the region: citizens receive sms or e-mails notifications up to their preferences.

All services integrate into unified personal cabinet with unified account. According to modern tendencies, authorization can be realized not only by email and password but also through social networks.  For some services, enhanced authorization is provided through an electronic digital key or BankID.


  • Client Official web-portal of Odessa region
  • Date 12.09.2017
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