City Platform for Mukachevo

Mukachevo City Council is actively moving in the direction of digitalization to be closer to people and facilitate communication with citizens.

The task was set to develop a new city portal, where citizens will find information about management in an accessible form, be able to quickly ask a question, and get a public service. Also, the portal should cover interesting events of the city, attract investors and tourists.


Thanks to a modern design system and special developments for cities, the web portal of the Mukachevo City Council organizes a large amount of information and displays it in an accessible way for users:

  • It has information settings for governing bodies, members, and necessary connections;
  • Contains automatic controls when entering information that eliminates errors, and as a consequence, misinformation;
  • It has a user-friendly, interactive user interface that meets the criteria of transparency of the city government.


UX designers analyzed the information that should be presented to users and developed a new, logically organized architecture of the site.

The home page displays the most up-to-date information on city and community management and provides quick access to advanced information:

  1. Main activities of the council;
  2. City and community management;
  3. Resident’s office with electronic services.

Then on the main page, there are the following sections: news, calendar of events, services for citizens.

A feature of the platform is Kitsoft’s developments. These are special modules that automate the configuration and completion of information by administrators and dynamically display it to users, upon request.

The Local Government module

It is a tool for setting up management information and interconnections. All personalities have their profile on the site according to the position. The profile contains only the required fields:

  • Position type: Deputy, Councilor of the united territorial communities, Head, Chairman, Substitute, Secretary of the City Council, Member/Secretary of the Executive Committee, etc .;
  • Contacts;
  • Biography;
  • Participation in factions or other organizations;
  • Documentation (reports, declarations, etc.).

Automation helps eliminate errors. For example, declarations are obligatory for the Deputy. If he becomes an Advisor then the tab with declarations in his profile will be disabled. Users display only the necessary data for a specific type of position.

Groups and associations (Factions, Districts, Commissions, United territorial communities, Executive Body, etc.) have, similar Card Profiles, which contain the following information about them:

  • Description;
  • Link;
  • Documents;
  • Participants and members with links to relevant profiles.

When configuring group members in the card admin panel, you can select only those profiles that are available to participate in it following the law. For example, for the Faction, we have to choose the Chairman and Composition of the faction. The site administrator sees that employees with the position of Deputy and Secretary of the City Council are available for this purpose. Extras are immediately filtered from the list.

The system stipulates that one person cannot be assigned to two Factions, Districts, or Commissions. Therefore, if he or she is first confirmed as a participant in one District and then in another, he or she is automatically removed from the first.

Timeline module

The work plan is on the main page and informs about the activities of the city:

  • council meeting;
  • events in the city;
  • annual holidays.

Each event can contain additional information, documents, links to the broadcast, etc. The user of the site can add an event of interest to him to his calendar.

Dynamic statistics

The statistics plugin is used on various pages of the site to visualize data and analytics according to use filters. The system administrator can create similar new visualizations with the required fields.

Media Gallery

Here you can find photos and videos combined into albums. Materials present the city as a place of interest for tourists, businessmen, investors, etc. The album gallery can be placed in any section of the site.

Electronic applications

It helps to involve residents in maintaining the well-being of the city and speed up their resolution. To implement the electronic application on the city platform, we set up the integration of the site through the API with the document management system.

It is enough for a citizen to take a photo of the problem area with a smartphone (a dump/hole on the road) and send a request to correct it. The request receives its ID, which can be used to track the status of the request.

Land Use Module

It configures information about land and city premises that are leased or available for business, contracts, plans, reports, etc. The Auctions section contains items that have been put up for an auction, and here you can check the existing lot through inventory 2.0.

For Investors of regions

The site is a business card of the city for tourists and investors. The portal contains relevant sections with information about the attractiveness of the city and region.

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  • Date 26.02.2021
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