New website for parliament of Ukraine

The creation of a new website for parliament (the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine) was aimed at increasing traffic and improving the user experience. New adaptive design helps to process a large amount of information, easily find the right content, providing equal opportunities for all ages and social groups.


Before developing the design, we conducted a detailed analysis and identified the following facts:

    1. About 40% of Ukrainians visited the government’s website from mobile devices. This is 130% more than last year, taking into account that the old version of the site does not adapt to different devices.
    2. Only 57% of users get to the site through the main page, the other 43% visit other pages. This figure will be higher if you consider related sites. Therefore, there is no need to overload the home page.
    3. More than half of users come from search services and relatively few through social networks.
    4. About 300 million people have vision problems, 43% of whom suffer from refractive errors (data of 2010). Accordingly, about one and a half million Ukrainians have vision disabilities.

Analysis of the main page of the old site revealed 51 significant violations of accessibility, 86 comments, and 33 recommendations following the WCAG 2.1 standard.


The new website of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is a convenient source of legislative activity news. The design corresponds to modern technologies, habits of users according to the principles of convenience, relevance, and inclusiveness:

  • Functionality. The main page actively reflects the work of the parliament, and the rest of the information is structured in appropriate sections;
  • Adaptability to mobile devices, search algorithms, and convenience to disseminate information;
  • Inclusiveness as a standard. Inclusiveness means accessibility, respect, and security. In the new design, we took care of the contrast, size, lack of bright elements.

These solutions meet the standards of the Design System for State Websites of Ukraine, which was developed by Kitsoft and approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The design system is a set of principles, recommendations, and best practices for the website design development and interfaces for government agencies and missions of Ukraine.

“There should be no special needs, but there should be special decisions. The new design will help the site to forget about special needs”, —Lygin Artem, UX Designer


We have organized a large amount of information so that the user can easily navigate the site and easily find necessary content.

On the main page, we focused on the first three screens. The user receives there the most important information about the work of parliament.

The block of the plenary session is active. It displays information about the plenary session: it can be viewed online, or later read the results, materials of the conciliation board, watch the broadcast of the conciliation board, etc.

There are seven stages of this block, changing according to relevance.

The results and structure of voting are presented in the voting tape.

According to statistics, the broadcast of the plenary session has a certain popularity and is separated in a unique block, which corresponds to the general context.

The block of electronic registration results immediately makes it clear how full the parliamentary hall is.

The calendar of events is equally convenient both on a desktop and on mobile devices.

The news center is a completely new section in which all news and multimedia are collected. In this section, we tried to realize the full potential of the Verkhovna Rada staff as producers of content and primary sources, without compromising other activities.

Laws were brought to the main page and sorted by date of adoption.

Other content. The government’s website is filled with a large number of links to third-party resources, materials, documents, archives, catalogs, etc.

Previously, these links were contained in the form of items and subitems of the navigation menu, which overloaded the site. This had a negative impact on search engine optimization, and the user found it difficult to navigate.

We have designed a set of solutions for similar hub pages, which will contain grouped content and form a convenient channel for this information.

Відповідально підійшли до створення головного порталу Верховної Ради України. Максимально розкрили сутність та призначення сайту, зробили його зручним та ефективним для користувачів. Дуже рекомендую!

Опубликовано Sergii Shcherbakov Среда, 1 июля 2020 г.

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  • Date 03.03.2021
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