Web-site of Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine


Web-site of Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine


Develop an online resource, which would meet the Ministry’s strategy to implement reforms in the Environmental Protection industry.


Development of portal started in the end of the 2016. We decided to change radically not only the design but also the content of portal.

We aimed to develop an online representation of the Ministry, which will be as convenient as possible and useful to all users.

Firstly, we analyzed the foreign experience of our colleagues who work in the sphere of environment protection. As a successful sample, we have taken ecological resources of The United Kingdom of Great Britain, Germany and the website of the Ramsar Convention. Next step was to determine the list of priority topics, which can be noticed on portal. Besides mandatory public information and regulatory-legal documents according to legislation, there are many questions that interest not only the field’s specialists, but also ordinary citizens. For this reason, the examination among portal users was conducted. Volunteers, members of civic organizations, business representatives, government officials, media representatives, environmentalists and non-indifferent citizens took part in the interrogation.

As the result, main environment protection topics were determined:  Nature Reserve Fund, Environmental supervision, Waste management:  Pesticides and agrochemicals, Tools of Eco politics, protection of fauna and flora, etc.

Interrogation gave an opportunity to implement a completely new approach for the administrative portal, since now all, the information that is important for users is available on the main page of the portal.

Particular attention was given to convenient access to environmental events, almost 70% of site visitors search for events of Ministry and industry.

Information on portal is structured  by types of materials – news, events, regulatory documents, plans, reports, and by directions – natural reserve fund, biodiversity, climate change, water protection, etc. Thanks to the tagging system, each material can be found in several ways. It provides quick access to any publications.

It should be noted, that materials on the new portal are published as open data, which provides access to the information with the possibility of its subsequent use. It is efficient tool for estimating and controlling of Ministry activities, which form the model of e-government.

In addition, for convenience of users the opportunity to subscribe to the mailing of news and other materials on the particular thematic group is realized.

Thus, the user receives only the information that he is interested in.



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  • Date 25.07.2017
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