Full stuff IT services


We study the business processes of our clients. We analyze the existed types of communication and discover ‘weak sides’. We organize interrogations of citizens, civic activists and organizations, management responsible for communication.

We analyze statistic of resource usage, investigate foreign experience and analogy successful cases

Design and prototyping

We discover key groups of users, model the behavior of different groups of users, and develop the most user-friendly interface for the main target group of users.

We develop prototypes of pages


We test the prototypes in the focus groups and finalize prototypes according to the results of testing


We design the visual conception of the web site and the graphic mockups of pages

Layout and programming

We adapt website to all devices from widescreen monitors to smartphones and tablets.

We program functional for resource, set convenient tool for administrating, and integrate the resource into existent infrastructure of client


We design the structure and line of actual questions and create a simple, accessible and readable content


We set up the resource on the server and configure domain name. We conduct beta testing and teach staff to use the resource


We consult users about the work of system, provide cyber defense 24/7. We guarantee free fixing of bugs. We also support the relevance of the content